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Re: name this rash

Originally Posted by joshuas_mum View Post
now it could be the ezcema. he has asthma and i've been told the 2 kinda go together, but hes had asthma for 2 years and this is the 1st time this rash has ever shown up.

his undies are not too tight, more like way too loose. hes such a skinny boy that the smallest undies at size 2-3 are too loose. its a nightmare trying to find stuff to fit him.
With ezcema... things are kind of funny. DD didn't have much problems with stuff... but one day someone used a laundry detergent that set it off... and we've had problems ever since. Now soaps, laundry detergents, some lotions... ect will set it off. Even foods can cause ezcema.
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