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Behind, Delayed, Apologizing

To all who have contacted me about their sewing repairs that have not been completed (some sent three weeks ago!) and FFS or trades, I am so sorry that I have not responded to you or sent out your packages yet. We "caught" a virus either the one that was here or one from sites my husband went to and I only have the computer about halfway fixed.

In addition to issues with moving family members across the US, I am incredibly far behind because DH demands the computer be a priority before sewing and does not often watch DS, so I can only work when he's napping or asleep. I would like to sincerely to apologize, and if there is anything I can add to your package to make it up, please let me know. For those who have not yet paid return shipping, I will pick up that bill because of the tardiness.

Turns out my DH doesn't think I can handle being a mom and working at home (although outside the home is fine, explain that to me), so until the house is "**** and span" I doubt I will be able to take any more orders. Please check out my IHA list, I think I left the link in my signature, if not I'll find it for you, and let me know if there's anything I can send you free to make up for the delay. Again, I'm very sorry.

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RECOVERING FROM A VIRUS THAT CRASHED OUR COMPUTER I apologize for all those waiting for their sewing! Please be patient. If you want me to send your items back, let me know.
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