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The Dangers of Co-sleeping. All cosleepers please read.

This is a PSA for everyone who cosleeps. NEVER FEED YOUR CHILD CHEESE AND THEN PUT THEM IN A SPOSIE FOR BEDTIME. YOU WILL WAKE UP WITH BOTH OF YOU COVERED IN POOP!!! OMG I guess cheese doesn't work well with poor Ian's tummy b/c he woke up around 4am to eat and while I was bfing him he started farting a lot, well it wasn't only air coming out it seems. I realized his diaper started leaking after I had finished feeding him and brought him into the living room to change it. Holy crud I had poop on my stomach, my legs, my shoulder, on my foot and a little in my hair . That was all just from carrying him out of the bedroom. It ended up coming out of the legs and up the back of his diaper it was awful. I am never ever ever feeding that kid cheese again.
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