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interested in tips for CDing

I plan on starting to CD my 14 month old daughter very soon she is 16lbs 15oz possibly 17lbs. Anyways I am curious about lots of things.

Snappis or pins what is better?
what types of CD's are there and what brands and what types would your reccommend what would you not recommend?
Poo how do you get it off the CD's?
what liners are good?
Pros and Cons of Cding?
And just about any advice tips you want to give me
what fabrics to use when I decide to be brave enough to try to make some?
is there any patterns for crocheted dipes out there.
Come on convince me I know everyones been waiting to convince people to use cloth diapers I pretty much am set on cloth diapering but give me some reasons lol

Thanks ladies.
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