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Re: interested in tips for CDing

A lot of people also use a diaper sprayer to get poop off (this is a necessity for me as my babies have that peanut butter poop ). This makes it much easier.

I started off with pockets, now I mainly use fitteds and fleece covers, but I am in the process of getting some AIOs too. Either one of these are the easiest.

I've never used pins because I don't have any, but snappis are pretty easy to get the hang of. I think with pins you can get a tighter fit though.

I recommend Very Baby All In One's, Fuzzi Bunz (pockets), Loveybums (fitteds). Do NOT recommend Little Lambs or Kushies. For covers, I recommend Dancing Bears Fleece Covers (they're like little shorts for the summer), and stacinator for nighttime (bulky though).
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