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I'm not TTC or pregnant, but have a ?(tmi)

i have been feeling really 'off' lately and I am thinking perhaps I need to test.
I have been having cramps, lower back ache, tender breasts, weight gain (3 lbs) and mild breakouts, bloating, diarhea, chocolate cravings ... Like I am about to start my period. But, I ended on the 19-20 of this month. Could ovulation cause this?
Here's a short history. I have always had regular periods, 29 day cycle, 7 day menses, heavy bleeding, lots of discomfort. When I hit 20 years old, I had a year of easier periods before I went on BC. That lasted one year and I still had regular periods. I was off for 6 days before I got a +. That + was darker than the control and showed up instantly.After I had my son, I didn't have a period til he was 11 months. They started out double length (60 days) cycles and got closer together each time til I had a 32 day then a 29 day cycle. then I missed one. Spotted the day I was due, tested the next day. - neg for four weeks, the 4th week I got a very nearly invisible +. After my second son, I started my period at about 9 months and it was weirdly erractic til he was a year, then it settled down and has been average other than the discomfort I have a week after my period. I get cramps,bloating, and pelvic soreness (my right hip has nerve damage from my first c-section, then my second pregnancy caused my pelvis to seperate) starting about 7-8 days after my period, it lasts a week.
This time, however, according to my dates I was supposed to have ovulated on the 23. After my period there were a couple of days without bleeding, then a couple of days of brown-pink spotting, now this. I feel like it may be different this time because I am having weird reactions to food and hunger, I have been sleeping in the early evenings, I stopped nursing nearly a month ago and I am suddenly sore and leaking now. We always use condoms, but we know that they aren't always effective, lol. If they were, we'd only have one son.

I know that was long and drawn out, I guess I'm not making a whole lot of sense. What I want to know is, given what I wrote up there, do you think it has more to do with a wonky ovulation cycle or could it be something more? Did any of the breastfeeding moms here have this happen to them? And since I had my period, but I was supposed to ovulate only 3-4 days later (3-4 days ago) should I wait to test? I haven't charted for very long, I think 5 cycles, and I never really charted ovulation, just went by the symtoms and average cycle length. (that means I have no idea what I'm doing)
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