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Re: sleep schedule for 15 mo old?

thank you SO much everyone. this has been so helpful and reassuring. i think we discovered the source of our sleep troubles this weekend. little guy is popping his first molar!

we are all doing much better now that we know what we are dealing with!

today, i happened to have to push him to do one nap and it did not go over well. i was trying to keep him awake in the car (he doesn't transfer well), fell asleep immediately at ~11:15am, slept until 12:30pm, then was asleep before i finished singing his bedtime song just after 6:30pm.

he is definitely still a 2 nap/day guy, thank goodness!
his normal schedule matches many listed above (although those of you whose babes sleep until 7am or later should thank whomever you can. i am envious!)
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