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Wink Re: Stripping and general washing help

I think before using Dawn you have a few things you can try first. I try nott o use Dawn because i hate adding extra things to my diapers. The simpiler the better IMHO.
Often times just washing them in the hottest possible water the water heater will make works great, and dont add anyhting to the water. I also add boiling water if needed. I set them on the hot/cold cycle and make it a short cycle. Let it agitate for a few minutes and then open the lid. If theres suds, then you know your adding too much detergents and your dealing with buildup. IF thats the case just keep washing in HOT until the water has no more suds in it. It will take quite a few washes but its worth it. Soemtimes if im in a hurry ill just shkip the cold rinse and reset my water to the hot wash over and over until theres no more suds. It goes a little faster that way.
When you check the water after it agitates if theres no suds and the water is clear you know that your adding enough detergent and theres no build up and so the smell is something else. If there no suds and the water is dirty looking you know that your not adding enough detergent and your not getting your diaper clean enough and you need to add a little more detergent. Makes sense?
Often times once you get the built up detergents washed out you wont have the smells anymore. So you can avoid the stripping methods. Normally i do an extra once a week wash in hot to keep an eye on my diapers and to help the build up from not happening.
HTH, hope i didnt confuse you.
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