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Wink Re: interested in tips for CDing

Snappis or pins what is better?
Snappis. They have the shape of a "T" which pulls up the crotch to prevent the diaper droop.

what types of CD's are there and what brands and what types would your reccommend what would you not recommend?
There are 4 basic tyupes of cloth diapers:
~Prefolds - Known as the "Old School Method" or the ultra simple and cheap cloth diaper
~Fitteds - These fit the most like underwear, they are just the absorbing layers and a cover is needed because there no water proof layer.
~All In One or AIO - This is like a fitted because it has the absorbing layers and fits like a pair of underwear but it has a waterproof layer of some kind. These are the most like paper diapers.
~Pockets - These are like AIO but have no absoring layers. So these would need an insert to go in the pocket to have an absorbant and functional diaper.
I recomned for a beginner to get at least one or two of each diaper and use them to see what you like most. Everyone likes differnet things so what i like may not work for you and your baby. Then when you find something that you like buy more of it. I began with AIO, i had a heavy wetter and so what i had didnt work for us, she peed right through them. So i went to pockets and fitteds and those were great! I used mostly PattyNaps fitteds, Tiny Tush one size organic cotton fitteds, Loveybums fitteds, Poochies fitteds, Cuddlebuns fitteds, Lucys Hope Chest fitteds, and Growing Greens. I used a wool cover over my fitteds and then for pockets i tried Fuzzi Bunz, Wonderoos, Swaddlebees, and a few other i dont remember. But i ended up getting mine from a Canadian WAHM whos pockets NEVER leaked on us and were

Poo how do you get it off the CD's?
I dint have a mini shower, i was fine with swishing in the toilet and flushing a few times, all of the poop came of just fine that way and in a sense the toilet rinsed out alot of pee so i wouldnt have that sitting in my diapers between wash days.

what liners are good?
I wanted to keep my stash ultra simple so i found diaper makers that made either a doubler already lined with microfleece or i had the fitteds made with a layer of microfleece next to the babys bum so i didn thave pieces to keep track of. Some doublers that i liked are Sugarpeas.

Pros and Cons of Cding?
Better for childs health
Better for your pocket book
Better for the environment
one cloth diaper is used over and over instead of throwing it away after one use
and the list goes
If you get mixed up in brands and only have to use certain brands or hyena diapers it can be expensive, so stick to functional and affordable cloth. The novelty diapers are nice to have a few of but really, you can get by with the less expensive functional brands. Everyone loves cute diapers but dont go broke because of cloth diapering. KWIM?
also, finding a system that works best for you can be a little overwhelming at first, dont worry, itll become second nature after the first week or so.
thats it!

And just about any advice tips you want to give me
Keep the wash super simple. A little detergent is more than enough to get those diapers clean, you dont need a ton of it! try to steeer clear of the extras in washing. Keep it simple and youll have very few to no problems.

what fabrics to use when I decide to be brave enough to try to make some?
is there any patterns for crocheted dipes out there.
I like sherpa, its super absorbant. French terry is also really absorbant and trim. Theres more but this could be a very long post if i posted them

Come on convince me I know everyones been waiting to convince people to use cloth diapers I pretty much am set on cloth diapering but give me some reasons lolI dont want to convince anyone to cloth diaper. Either you want to do it or you dont but i wont convince anyone. Its a choice and its your to make.
I chose to do it for the earth adn for my child. We were also starving students and couldnt afford to paper diaper. So, i had my own reasons and LOVED cloth diapering.

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