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Re: Leaving kids at home alone sick or healthy?

Originally Posted by TwinKristi View Post
You and she are correct, there is no law stating how old a child can be to stay home alone in PA. BUT the Federal guidelines say 12yrs is really the recommendation and they're not supposed to be caring for other kids. I have almost 12yr old twins and would LOVE to just run to the store and have them watch their siblings, but I know they're just not capable of a parents job. I will leave them alone for short periods of time if they're sick and I need to take their brothers to school or run to the store, but never with their siblings. And a fever of 105?? That's febrile seizure levels and they shouldn't be unattended with that type of risk.

I've been in similar predicaments in the past as a single mom, but I could never WOULD NEVER just leave my 9 & 4yr old home alone especially if someone offered to care for them. If she's a single mom with 1 income than she should qualify for other help such as childcare assistance or food stamps, insurance, etc to help when she misses work. AND I would suggest she talks to her boss about the responsibility of being a single mom and that if your child is sick she is the only one who can care for them. OR like you offered, let you watch them. That's a dangerous situation for a 9 & 4yr old to be in.
Oh, they got the fever down last night and it remained down or I doubt if she would have left him. God, I hope not. He really did seem ok when I checked on him and she's sending him to school tomorrow.

Her boss has been pretty understanding. But this situation is pretty new and she's a mess and has missed a lot of work for various reasons. I just don't understand her parenting choices. Kids can't raise themselves. Ugh.
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