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Re: Leaving kids at home alone sick or healthy?

Originally Posted by escapethevillage View Post
My mom left us home alone when we were sick from the time we were very little. If she had to go to work, she went to work. NOTHING made her miss work.

It was usually fine. I never felt like she should have stayed home. It was just normal. BUT, one time, I distinctly remember my brother (who was about seven) having MAJOR hallucinations. I was just sure he was dying... but my mom left him home alone. He litterally talked all day long to NOBODY. Later he kept talking about Lassie. The tv show. He thought it was real, and he was living in an episode of Lassie. That was probably one day that she should have stayed home with him.

I also think if you need to take your child to the ER the night before... you should probably stay home and make sure he's O.K that day. Or at the very least, find someone who can stay with him and make sure he's OK.

My neighbor left her six year old home alone last year when he was vomiting. By the time she got back home (ten hours later) he couldn't even hold down one sip of water. The poor kid was so sick that he couldn't even move his head without vomiting.
That's so scary!!! I can't imagine!!!
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