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Re: How much harder is it going from 1 child to 2?

I found it a little harder with 2. My ODS was just over 2 when my youngest was born. He's now 3 months and we're still trying to get into a routine. Like the pp, my first was a dream baby and this one is more high needs. It's hard when they both need me at the same time, and I'm not sure who to go to first. We're potty training right now, and Gavin will wake up screaming right when Josh gets on the potty! Or I'll sit down to nurse Gavin and Josh will tell me he needs to pee! Oh, and when they both start having meltdowns at the same time.... I want to lock myself in the bathroom! Getting time to myself (like to take a shower) is difficult. Also, since Gavin was born in December, and I live in Ohio, going out at first by myself was next to impossible. It was too cold to put the baby in the wrap and he HATES his car seat. But since it's been getting warmer, it's easier. I feel like I can tackle the grocery store alone now! But, like others have said, it's TOTALLY worth it!! Seeing Josh give Gavin kisses and watching Gavin watch Josh so intently is amazing.
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