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Re: How much harder is it going from 1 child to 2?

I found it really easy, but my dd was 5.5 when ds was born, so that made it easier. Even when it is hard in the beginning though, I think it evens out. Plus, I found that having 2 or more means they can entertain each other at times, which helps. 3 or more is when it gets a little hairier- when you have 2 you still get times when they are both occupied/asleep or whatever and it is not hard to find friends and family to watch 2. Once you hit 3, you start splitting them up when you need babysitting from family/friends and someone always needs something so you don't get as much peace. Of course, we are baking #4 so that didn't stop us from continuing on, but I do sometimes miss when I had only 2! Oh, and I rarely miss having just dd, if I am reminiscing, I usually miss that brief (16 mos) time that we had 2 kids.
One thing about having more than one kid that I see as a bonus- you relax a bit. You realize kids cry/ get upset and it's ok not to fix everything. You realize that your 2 yr can indeed go on the slide at the playground by herself and also that "I said so" is a perfectly acceptable excuse. Oh, and going out means someone is going to meltdown and that's ok- par for the course- not something to stress over. I think what I learned with having the boys helped my dd, who was an only for 5 yrs.
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