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Re: How much harder is it going from 1 child to 2?

Originally Posted by mbsr76 View Post
Ok, well, I'm one of those who has found it very hard going from 1 to 2. But I wanted to share anyway because as hard as it has been, it is beyond worth it. AND I know that the hard part is really only going to be these first few months. I am already more organized and in more of a routine than I ever was when we just had one, and we're getting more and more used to this new life every day.

Also, it's been hard for me because my first child was a dream baby. Slept 3 hours, woke up, ate, pooped, chatted for a bit, then right back to sleep. I could lay him down awake in his crib and off he'd go to sleep without needing me to do a thing. Baby #2 is a different story entirely. She's a difficult high-needs baby but even with all that combined I can tell you it's so worth it, and even saying that yeah, it is hard, I have to add that it's not THAT hard. You get used to it. And it's so rewarding, and watching my son pat his sister's little head or give her kisses is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

I guess my point is that even if it does seem hard at first for you, it's doable and you will find that it has changed your life into something even more amazing than it was before. I say go for it.
I could have written this exact post! It's been extremely difficult with a toddler and a high needs baby, but definitely worth it!

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