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Re: How much harder is it going from 1 child to 2?

Originally Posted by momtoalmost3 View Post
Getting out with two actually isn't that hard-adding a third one is when it gets tricky because they no longer fit in the grocery cart, car seats don't fit in a car, you only have two hands etc. Two is definitely doable sara

I agree I am so glad my almost 3 yr old is getting old enough to not immediately dart into traffic when I unbuckle his car seat! This summer I will be taking them all along with my own fat behind to the pool and trying to keep everyone from drowning and just praying the boys both actually want to get in the water this summer (heat + pregnancy+ manic toddlers= not much fun if they won't even get in the pool so I can too!) I will soon have an almost 9 yr old (whom I already make go with me to the grocery store to help out ), a 3 yr old, an almost 2 yr old, and a newborn. Just getting 3 of them out of 5 point harnesses and into the d*mn store will be a trip in itself. But, you learn to adjust with each one. Oddly enough, I am not any more stressed with 3.5 kids than I was with just one and actually, my hardest parenting years were the first 3 yrs of dd's life.
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