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Re: How much harder is it going from 1 child to 2?

HARD! I can't nap when DD2 naps, because DD1 isn't napping then. DD1 often wakes DD2 up just by suddenly laughing. DD1's night-time routine went by the wayside, and we haven't set one up for DD2 yet. Worst, I didn't feel like I could leave DD1 downstairs on her own while I coaxed DD2 to sleep for 30 minutes, so I got in the habit of letting DD2 nap on my lap, and now she's spoiled! She won't sleep in her bed!

Even before DD2 was born, we had trouble: I was put on bed rest for a while with high blood pressure (hard with a 24-month-old) and then had pre-eclampsia, and was sent out of town to a hospital with a good NICU, and was gone from home for almost 3 weeks. Wouldn't have mattered with my first baby -- was rotten knowing that my daughter was at home missing me.

When DD1 was 6 months old, we both went to choir rehearsal once a night and had a great time. I dropped out last May and restarted when DD2 was 6 months. I'm tired, yawning horribly by 9pm. My throat gets tired fast because I'm tired. I don't have time and energy to practice.

My house is not as clean as this time around with #1. I still have 15 pounds to drop because I can't just zip the baby out for a long fast stroller walk. (Preschoolers don't walk fast, but nor do they want to be in a stroller!) I now have two obstacles keeping me from getting places on time.....

Do I regret having two? No. But for me, so far (9 months), it has been waaaay harder than the first time.
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