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Re: interested in tips for CDing

I just started with CDs when my DD was 10 months old, so she was an older baby too. I only CD part time though on weekdays and all day on the weekends.

Snappis or pins what is better?
Well, I prefer snappis. I have only tried pins once, and I drew blood from my finger! I guess they would be better if you didn't have a squirmy toddler!

what types of CD's are there and what brands and what types would your reccommend what would you not recommend?
to start off I would probably go with prefolds(I would recommend premium size), Fuzzi bunz or another type of pocket like that such has Happy Heiny, Wonderoo or Bum Genius, and maybe a fitted dipe. The fanciful fanny has very affordable fitted diapers.

You will need waterproof covers for the prefolds and the fitted diapers. I personally like my prorap classic and my stacinator fleece cover. Bummis super whisper wrap is another favorite cover. The good thing about the prorap and bummis cover is that you can just fold a prefold in thirds and put it in the cover and you don't even need to snappi them!

Right now, I mainly use prefolds and Fuzzi Bunz. I use the Fuzzi bunz at night and when we are out. At home, I like my prefolds. I mainly use microfiber towels from Target for my fuzzi bunz.

Poo how do you get it off the CD's?
I don't have a sprayer and can't install one. So I have to dunk and swish. But I cut up fleece liners from old fleece baby blankets and use them in my diapers. The poop tends to just plop off and then I can dunk if I have to.

what liners are good?
I just use the cut up fleece but I use infant prefolds as doublers sometimes for my prefolds.

I have bought the dandelion daydreamers crochet wool soaker pattern, but I am not patient enough to make that. I can't get past the first chain, so I think that I will just have to pay for one.

I like CDing but the rest of my family thinks I am nuts. DH even asks me to put on a "real" diaper when he takes DD anywhere. That means a sposie.
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