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Re: Does anyone here have a son with adhd?

My DS is 11yrs. now and he has ADHD. I mean he is the "poster" child for it. He has mood swings, depression, ODD etc. I have had him on trials of lots of differ. meds. Most of the meds I didnt like,it seemed as if his personality was gone. It was SAD. He wouldnt join in with groups he was calm but not in a good way. I now have him on a non stimulate called Straterra and he is VERY active still but can focus better. Also we switched his diet last yr. to NO ARTIFICAL COLORS/ FLAVORS. No processed foods, we try to watch his sugar intake as well. He did a complete 180. He still has things that come along with ADHD but it's manageable now. It was hard because he is a picky eater, but after a month he got lots better. He is also in counsling for his moods. He now knows to ask before he eats something someone else offers, and he choose organic friendly foods. I also have my younger boys and all of us eating this way. It a AWESOME feeling.

Also you should get Omega-3 with the DHA. I have read studies with people/kids being treated with this for ADHD, ODD and Bipolar. It was interesting

Sorry so long Let me know if I can answer any ?'s about anything. I have joined ADHD support groups also.
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