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Re: What's your wash 'n' wear routine with pockets?

Do you remove inserts and throw everything in one bag? Yes, I have a dry pail with a PUL liner in it. I remove inserts from diapers and toss in the pail. When it's time to do wash, I dump all the diapers out of the bag into the washer, then toss in the bag. Easy!

After they're dried, do you restuff them right away, or do you wait till you're ready to use them? I stuff most of my FB's and leave a few unstuffed for nighttime or when I know we'll be away from the house for a while. I use help inside of a micro towel and I don't use hemp any other time, so I leave some unstuffed for that. It's easier to have them stuffed already so you can just grab one and change the baby.

Where do you store them; in a diaper bag, or in a drawer or on a shelf of your changing table? I have an entire shelf of the changing table dedicated to my CD's and wipes right now. I'd like to get some other type of storage, like a small cart with drawers, but DS shares a room with us right now and we don't have any extra room for that.
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