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Re: Does anyone here have a son with adhd?

Originally Posted by snangel View Post
My oldest has ADHD, Tourettes, and OCD..I don't really consider him SN though...he's just him.....he has his quirks.....but he's brilliant and funny and is doing so well. We have him on the "ADHD" diet, and he also takes meds. He is almost 7 and is doing very well now that we know how his brain works, we can work with him instead of against him.If you wanna chat some more give me a holler!
Tell me more mama i have a & year old boy who will be 8 and its hard I feel I dont fully understand his condition and that were working against each other like you said what have you done? whats this adhd diet.tell me more currently I steer away from sugar,selective on gluten,dairy (he's allergic any how) period! I just know better.We chose to medicate due to it was medicating our child or medicate us!! Tips s please its not right if you feel resentment towards your own.I need to be more educated here!!
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