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Re: Does anyone here have a son with adhd?

5 1/2 year old son is PDD-NOS, ADHD and has Anxiety disorder
My sisters and I have ADHD.
My father has undx ADHD

I am trying neurofeedback and will be getting my son into that soon. I don't know if I completely believe in it yet but it seems to be helping at least for anxiety as that is what I am working on right now. The lower my anxiety levels, the less ADHD I seem. I have read some great information on that although research studies are a little inconclusive. I would rather try neurofeedback and other options first before meds for my son because he is already pretty short and is only in the 5th %ile for weight (33 pounds) and he is 5 1/2 years old.

Cod liver oil actually has worked pretty well. I read one pretty good research study comparing Ritalin and Cod Liver oil (or fish oil - forget which one) and the children taking the cod liver oil had better results according to behavior rating scales (oh, I just read the PP - LOL, said similar things). My son has really improved significantly on this stuff. We have tested him off of it and when he has been off of it for more than three weeks, we start hearing complaints from daycare and school. He also tends to stutter more when he is off of it.

Nutrasweet made me worse. If I have a pop, I make sure it has sugar and non of that diet stuff. Sugar has less of an effect. Red dyes actually really do effect us, especially my 20 month old son. We try to eat healthy but need to get better.

I am not against meds as I am on some for my treatment. I just feel it should be the last resort and all other things should be tried first (unless your child is extremely severe).

Just a side note: Many kids/adults have sleep disorders and/or anxiety instead of ADHD. My "ADHD" could be the result of a sleep disorder as well. I have very little stage four deep sleep and many alpha intrusions (brain goes awake throughout the night) in one night. This would have never been picked up if I didn't go through sleep studies.

If any of you have kids diagnosed as ADHD, please look into the other factors as well. Also make sure to get your kids a full comprehensive blood workup.

We really have to do our best to cut out television or limit it significantly (mean society as a whole). Television really has an effect on our brainwaves and overall brain development. There is too much stimulation in todays world. In addition, most of us (people in general) eat a lot of junk. There is so much I need to change in my family.

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