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Re: Any suggestions?? Quick!

I always stay away from hydrocortizone if I can help it-it thins the skin and overuse is really bad. The first time I used it on one of the fosterbabies, I was shocked to see that it had bleached his beautiful brown skin a lighter color all where I had used it-since the doc had told me to use it, I had no choice, but I always ask now if there is something else I can use or if this it what must be used. 'For cradle cap, I wash the hair/scalp with head n shoulders intensive treatment, rinse with vinegar-this helps keep the cradle cap from returning. If you want to put olive or almond oil on the scalp prior to washing, that will also help, scrub with a soft toothbrush to remove scales, then wash/rinse w/ H&S/vinegar.
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