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Re: What's your wash 'n' wear routine with pockets?

I take all inserts out and store them all together. I don't wash the pail liner b/c I worry that it holds too much water in it (have to empty it out) and don't want to risk that detergent being in my dipers. I try to throw it in w/ towels or something else. Anyway, I do prestuff all my diapers. I usually do this in the morning after Ethan's breakfast and he's playing. I have them all ready to go and I have a special way of "coding" my nighttime diapers. I use bumGenius for nighttime and I have a special way of fastening the tabs to let us know its a "night time" diaper. I like to have them all ready to go at any time. We change him on top of a dresser, so the first two drawers are dedicated to diaper stuff. I keep them there. When we move, if I have room, I'll keep them all in a big basket next to the changing area, to give me more drawer space as he grows.
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