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Re: questions about lots of baby stuff lol

Originally Posted by SAHMTo2
Less movement at this stage is totally normal. And so is gaining weight at the end. I think I remember hearing that preg women gain up to 5 lbs a week the last 4 weeks or so of the pregnancy. And, like Samantha said, the more pregnancies the looser your tummy is. My friend was way bigger with her 3rd then with her 1st and 2nd. They actually thought she was pregnant with twins or triplets! She was measuring 20 wks at like 10 or 12 weeks!

I measured big too. I gained 50 lbs and had a 6 lb 13 oz dd at 39 weeks. Just remember that at the end of your pregnancy there isn't a lot of room for the baby so that is why they move less. They have "grown into" your belly finally! Before, there was more room so they could have a good 'ole time!

I know you have justifiable reasons for being scared so I won't say "don't be". It's in our nature to be worriers for a reason. I would say what rrandle said, if your feeling really scared or concerned call and go see your OB.

The last few weeks are very emotional for all pregnant women so feel comforted knowing that you have plenty of other pregnant mamas on here to talk to. Just keep posting here and talking to your OB and dh or significant other. We will all be there for you!

exactly what i was going to say mama! i measured with my last 42wks when i was only 34 and they did an assesment and said i was going to have a 9.5 lb baby, he came out 8.2 so don't worry about being too big
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