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Re: How long did you wait before going to the dr for the first time once you got your BFP

wow, seems like things are different where you all are from, over here they will do an u/s to determine your edd, i don't knowif they'll do one today or wait til the next official appt. and the Hb is looked for about 10 weeks so i know i won't get this today
its already after 10a so i am going to go after lunch so we don't have to rush over there and get rushed outfor
i am slepy and thinki will go take a nap for a little bit before my kids wake up then feed everyone and head out the door, i hope they don't take too long with me, dh and the kids are going to stay in the car while i go in, he doesnt want anyones sick kids to come near danae so that si why their stayingin the car, he said if it takes too long he's going for a drive with them to keep them occupied

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