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Re: How long did you wait before going to the dr for the first time once you got your BFP

I went in around 5 weeks with my first two. My third would have been 5 weeks, but I was taking my qualifying exams a few weeks later and was going to be too busy, so I was seen at 4 weeks, and then didn't go back until 9 weeks. I switched OBs after that, and my fourth I was seen at around 6 weeks because my dc had vacation the week before that and I didn't want to bring them. With that pregnancy I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks to check dates, as that was the norm for that practice. My fifth pregnancy, I really wanted to skip that extra ultrasound and basically any extra testing, so I didnt make an appointment until I was 9 weeks, and wasn't seen until 11 weeks. It turned out that my OB had started doing ultrasounds at 12 weeks instead of 8, to include the nuchal translucency screening, which I got pressured into doing.
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