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Do you let your kids wear hand-me-down shoes?

DD has been walking for 4 months now and about a month ago I bought her, her first pair of 'real' shoes...SKRs. She needed something for outside that wasn't going to soak her feet. I really like them and I'm planning to buy 2-3 more pair for the summer. Anyways, I told my mom about them and she started sending me links of ones on Ebay, but they were used. I emailed her back and told her I didn't want dd wearing pre-worn shoes. My reasoning is that I would never want to wear pre-worn shoes and I certainly don't want dd to wear them while her feet are developing.

So, the other day my mom bought dd an easter dress and a pair of used SKRs on ebay. The SKRs are really used and all I want to do is throw them away. I will be donating them tho

So, do you let your kids that are walking wear hand-me-down/pre-worn shoes?
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