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Re: Do you let your kids wear hand-me-down shoes?

Interesting. I had no idea it wasn't recommended to use previously owned shoes. We have on occasion purchased gently used shoes for our boys. And my youngest has only had one new pair of shoes. He gets all his brother's old shoes. To be honest, I probably will continue to hand shoes down as my boys only wear shoes outside and seem to do fine with pre-worn shoes.

To the original poster,
Perhaps you should talk to your mother about respecting your choices. Even if she doesn't agree, you get to make whatever choices you want for your family.

Originally Posted by MLB View Post
No. My DD2 had to see a surgeon because of bad in-toeing and she just happened to be wearing DD1's old shoes. He said to never wear hand-me-down shoes because those shoes are formed to the previous owner's feet and will never fit the new owner's feet and can cause a lot of foot problems. So, we don't now. He made a pretty big deal about it so that was enough to scare me out of even trying it since she has a problem with her hips in the first place. I don't want to add foot problems on top of that.
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