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Re: Do you let your kids wear hand-me-down shoes?

No. Never.

I will on occasion buy my daughter some used play clothes (not usually though, b/c I find that I can get brand new for just a few dollars more in a lot of instances), but never shoes.

First - feet are so unique and individual to the person that they belong to that a used pair of shoes could impact the way their foot forms (especially for small children) and how they walk. New shoes provide sturdy support, plus your child can mold them to his/her feet, not have shoes that have already been molded by someone else's feet.

I also won't buy cheap (Payless, etc.) shoes for my child, because I have foot problems myself (previous stress fractures that never healed properly from overexertion) and don't want to set my daughter up for that, either.

I can often find name brand, good quality shoes for $25 or less online (with free shipping).

ETA - my daughter typically gets about 3-4 months of use out of shoes (we bought her new sneakers at Christmas time and she's outgrowing them now) and we paid $22 for these shoes... I know it's a lot of money upfront, but it's been 3.5 months... we can definitely afford $7/mo. for good shoes.

It's also not good to wear the same shoes all the time (podiatrist recommend having a MINIMUM of 2 pairs of shoes), so she usually has 3 pairs of shoes at any given time - usually two pairs of play shoes and one pair of dress shoes.

I don't wear used shoes myself. And I buy high end shoes. I have issues with my feet and love certain brands more than others, so typically stick with those. I don't bat an eye when I pay $80+ for a pair of my shoes, which will last a LONG time.

ETA - I just bought my daughter two pairs of sandals/shoes for this spring/summer and they cost me $42.40 for both pairs. I also got free shipping. I did find a $10 off discount code prior to checking out, too.

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