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Re: Fun post - what's your diaper changing song?

I make up little songs for EVERYTHING with Gracie.

Our diaper changing song goes: (to the tune of Row Row Row your Boat)

Change, Change, change your bum
Make it nice and clean
wash on bottom, wash on top
and butt cheeks in between

And we have a snack time song...

Apple Juicey Apple Juicey
Apple Juicey, Apple Juicey
Good for Me!

And I made this one up in the van the other day while driving with both dd's and my mother and Gracie was crying so I sing to pacify her until I can stop.

Grace, Grace Gracie Bug!
In the Mommy's Bed..
daddy rolled over
bonked her on the head..
Mommy called the doctor
The doctor said,
"Get that Gracie out of Mommy's Bed"

So, I sang this one and my 9yo dd says to my Mom.."That's a true story Nanny!" LOL Not the doctor part, but the Daddy rolling over..
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