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Re: I'm not TTC or pregnant, but have a ?(tmi)

I honestly dont understand a word of what you are saying

With your first son you went off BC and got a + pregnancy test 6 days later? Did I understand that right?

With your second DS you had a month of no period and then in the 4th week you got a LIGHT positive? Ok, so when you had him and they did your due date did they go from your LMP or did they date you by ultrasound? Did your LMP match up with the ultrasound (if they went that way?)

I guess I have never heard of someone having their period and ovulating 3-4days later (on a regular basis? I have heard of it as a once in a lifetime sort of thing, normally after you go off Birth control). You mention having issues a week after your cycle if I understand what you said it would seem like its just that.

What I DO know, is if you ovulated 3-4 days ago the egg most likely hasnt even implanted yet and it would be to early to feel any symptoms related to the pregnancy. (average implantation is 5-7days I believe)

If it were me I would contact your doctor. I am curious if there isnt something else going on.
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