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Re: Do you let your kids wear hand-me-down shoes?

Originally Posted by weddell View Post
We usually don't.

The only footwear that dd has that is used are snow boots and rain boots. We don't wear them often and they aren't really a type of shoe that gets molded to a foot. I also once bought her a used pair of preschoolians. They are the shoes that come with 3 different removable footbeds (narrow, med, wide). The person who I bought them from said they had hardly been used and they had only used the wide footbed. DD needed the narrow, so it was pretty much like using a new shoe.

DS wore a used pair of 0-6 mo robeez. Babies don't walk so they were just for warmth, so no problems there.

But once they are really walking, I prefer new shoes. We get ours at Marshalls (outlet store). Stride rites are $13-$17 a pair. Right now dd is wearing a pair of Merrel mary janes that were $16. So I do get bargains.
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