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Re: I'm not TTC or pregnant, but have a ?(tmi)

Recently a mom on my birth club board started thinking she might be pregnant when her breasts started leaking and she hasn't breastfed since Dec! She also was having other little symptoms and took a test and got a super faint + and was a few days away from AF. She took another test 2 days later and it was a darker + so she finally accepted that she was pg!! She was TTC but just decided to take a break since it wasn't happening after 2 cycles. Anyway, I often have telltale pregnancy symptoms but I have an IUD, that gets scary because of the increased risk in tubal pregnancies. If you're concerned that you might be pregnant and wouldn't find out for awhile w/ an HPT because of your later pos. results before, than talk to your dr like the prev. poster suggested. Its worth a try. HCG has to be in your blood if you are pregnant, even in the smallest amounts so it would be 100% accurate. If they're not willing to do so until you've reached a certain amount of time w/out AF than you may have to wait it out or pitch a fit to get an answer. I usually have symptoms RIGHT AWAY, like days after conception. I have tested early with my last 2 babies, like 8dpo according to early u/s and had already been having symptoms for a few days before testing. Good luck and I hope you get an answer soon! Its never fun going through a neverending cycle of "am I?" with previous issues in that dept.
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