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Re: I'm not TTC or pregnant, but have a ?(tmi)

Originally Posted by Samantha
I honestly dont understand a word of what you are saying
LOL, don't worry about that, half the time I don't understand myself either.
With my first, I was off 6 days before I was pregnant, I got the test + 1 week later. I wasn't too clear, sorry.
While I had never heard of ovulating so soon after a period either, I was told that it may be rare, but that means it's uncommon, not impossible. I also had a rare thing happen with my first child... my water broke on my third day overdue, I measured 54 cm, he was in position, engaged and ... nothing. Three days later, no labor. No dilation. He was born c-section and it was a good thing- his head was 15.5 inches and his ribs were 15.75. My second child, as I pushed, flipped audibly to occipital anterior and was being pushed not out, but into my hip my cervix got 'floppy' and was being pushed out. Both rare, but they happened.
I have talked with my doctor about it and it appears that I ovulate right near my period. We did LMP and a sono, my dates said (with my second) I was 9.5 weeks, the sono said that by size I was only 8 weeks. I argued with the doc alot because I knew when I had sex and when my period was. I went into labor naturally, the doc though it was early, but according to my dates I was 4 days overdue and my son was born over 8 pounds. The new doc I had after that agrees, I simply have a very odd ovulation cycle. I have never tried to chart my ovulation and I am fairly new to chartng my cycles, so forgive me if I am not too clear.
TwinKristi- I start having symptoms right away too, I have been doubted enough that I was beginning to wonder if i was the only one, Since I was TTC my first, I could accept that maybe I was really excited and imagined them (I don't think so, the test was + after all) but with my second, I was NOT TTC and I didn't want to be pregnant. In fact, Iwas in denial for a while. I refused to believe it. My second son was planned, but I got pregnant 9 months too soon while using a condom, I was really in a bad place then and it was a little traumatic for me, so I guess I tend to get a little jumpy when I have weird symptoms. i'll try and be patient and wait it out. No use in rushing, right?

Thanks for the replies, I guess I just needed to talk about it. there's nothing I can do but wait right now and if I am + I still will be in a couple of weeks, right? If not, that likely won't change either.

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