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Re: My username won't work

No, feedback is not lost - there are many posts on that throughout this forum.

There was info about this about 2 weeks after the move posted at the top stating that everyone needed to re-register. After I took it down, I added the information to the autoresponder when someone uses the contact form as well as made this forum open to guest posting.

Here is a post I made on May 10th about how everyone was notified of the move...

Also, before the announcement was made on April 13th on the old board, it was pretty much standard information that we had been planning on moving to a new board/server for quite some time to fix all the server issues we were having.

I'm sorry, but I can't be responsible if members don't visit the board. I posted the information in a public place that not only did everyone have access to, but was forced to view it upon coming to the site.

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