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Not allowed on Field Trip if I breastfeed UPDATE

I have not volunteered in my older childrens third grade class this year because of DS2. But my DD asked her teacher if I could bring the baby on a field trip to a public park. Her response was that I was welcome to bring the baby as long as didn't breastfeed as it would be "inappropriate" . I am fuming ! I didn't call into the school yet just in case am overreacting. What would you do?

UPDATE I received another call back today from the school. I received an apology from the school, principal and teacher. The principal said the teacher could not even remember what the comment was made about exactly but that she does not have issue with breastfeeding. She acknowledged making the comment but apologized for saying it and for upsetting my daughter. She stated the comment was about me helping in the classroom but either was it should not have been said.I feel satisfied with response, the principal was very nice and apologetic and said that in no way would the school be no supporting breastfeeding.

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