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Re: Not allowed on Field Trip if I breastfeed

Originally Posted by Willows View Post
I have not volunteered in my older childrens third grade class this year because of DS2. But my DD asked her teacher if I could bring the baby on a field trip to a public park. Her response was that I was welcome to bring the baby as long as didn't breastfeed as it would be "inappropriate" . I am fuming ! I didn't call into the school yet just in case am overreacting. What would you do?

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That is DISCRIMINATION and I would be calling ACLU and also the school board and also the breast feeding leagues. They cannot stop you as long as you arent popping your boob out without being covered they cannot tell you that. I would be pissed And I wouldn't shut up about it. You have a right to feed your kid your boob and not the bottle. And if more people breastfed we wouldnt have to explain to other ppls kids how a baby eats. Our bodies are made this way did they have bottles back in the early days of civilization How bout that for a history lesson. DONT SIT ON IT COMPLAIN!
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