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HELP! Major repelling issue & I can't make it go away!!! :(

i have VERY hard water. that's an understatement. i noticed that w/in the past week or so, ALL my CDs are repelling water. i pour some water in a perfectly dry, clean dipe & it just pools. the water goes nowhere.

i have stripped, w/ dawn, all dipes 2x & have rinsed at least 15 times.....with calgon & w/ nothing but plain old water & vinegar.

i had been using Sportwash in the past & it hurt DD's little bum, so i switched to Tide Free. i have a front loader, so there's not a lot of water to be had during the wash/rinse cycle.

how am i supposed to get my dipes back into rotation??? i'm so upset that my stash is apparently ruined.
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