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Re: OxyClean + Vinegar -----> WOWSA!!

Originally Posted by Noeys View Post
oooh Im so glad I found this thread... My DD still wets at night and OMG her diapers make me want to HURL. My eyes burn when I put her diaper in the pail... ICK!!! I will have to go buy some Oxiclean. Im thinking of switching detergeant as well... Im using Purex F& C... think I need something stronger.
Thanks for all the tips.
Will this work just as well if I just put a cup of vinegar and a scoop of oxiclean in the wash with the detergeant? or should I do a wash with just oxi and vinegar, then another wash with detergeant?????
Wash your diapers like you normally would and then put them in the vinegar and oxy soak. Let them sit for a while (I'd suggest 4 hours like you would a vinegar soak...but I forgot about mine and they stayed overnight with no issues). After the soak is done, take the inserts and put them in the washer or--as PP's have mentioned rinse them in the sink beforehand so that you don't have to do so many washes/rinses. I don't add any more detergent after the soak!! I just rinse those suckers until the bubbles are gone and then I enjoy the blessed lack of stink!

Originally Posted by staciestarsage View Post
I tried this experiment the other day, and i didn't soak them or anything, in my first rinse cycle, i poured a bunch of vinegar and oxy and when they were done washing, the stink was gone! Whoot!

Oooo...I used the baby oxy too, instead of regular oxy...
That's good to remember! Especially when I have just one insert from FSOT that I need to take care of. But, wait! Then I'd be depriving myself of such a cool reaction!

Originally Posted by vatsi View Post
Are you guys using vinager or oxyclean on BG 3.0?
I've used a WAHM pocket diaper to make sure that the combination won't hurt the pull or the elastic, but I haven't had a need to use it on a BG 3.0 as of yet. However, if one of those gets a little stinky I'll probably use the combination of Vinegar and Oxy to take care of it too.

Originally Posted by skolbut View Post
Just did the experiment with some inserts and whatnot recently rec'd on FSOT, just to give them a fresh start. Nothing had huge stink but some faint remnants of 'eau du pee', lol!!! Took pics, so I'll upload soon. It was really foamy but no big reaction. I put in what I had left of my vinegar (maybe 3 cups or so) and a scoop of original oxy... then emptied a boiling tea kettle over it and topped it off from the hose.

The dipes look really new and white. They're in the washer now so I'll update when they're done.

I do think oxy foams slightly in warm water (not like this though), but some of the suds you're seeing are probably from it's natural oxygen properties. I do love the stuff for red (rust, blood, wine) stains, though!!
Had you increased the Oxy it would have gotten hotter...but a tea kettle of hot water will do too, lol! Glad the experiment made them whiter but I can't wait to hear about the freshness now!

Originally Posted by monkeysohana View Post
I just tried this with 18, yes 18 of my microfiber inserts - 9 at a time. Each time I used a half gallon of vinegar and 2.5 scoops of Oxyclean Free (yes, I am aware that this was likely overkill) and about 24 ounces of water (I had a reusable water bottle nearby that I grabbed.) They fizzed and foamed to high heaven after I stirred them and the reaction got warm but not hot, probably because I used so much water. They blew up like balloons so I am hopeful that means it was working! I let them set around an hour or so and gave them a stir once or twice. Then I wrung them out and threw them in the wash with no soap. Currently working on washing out all the suds. I will let you know how they turn out!

I am so excited! Please, please, let the stinkies go away!
Sounds like you got the right reaction! I only used a couple squirts of water but since the first experiment I haven't added any. I save my water for the rinsing--and after a PP mentioned that they rinsed them in the sink before throwing in the washer, I did that and save myself some time.

Originally Posted by Jesus_Freak_955 View Post
I just had to try this!
Today I put almost all of my diapers in my machine, added almost enough vinegar to cover and sprinkled 2 scoops of OxyClean on top. I added just enough water to stir it all. It foamed a ton! I let it sit for a few hours. I did a full wash cycle and there were still tons of suds. It took 6 rinses to get the suds out completely. But, I have NO stains and NO stink. The elastic, PUL and prints are perfect, no harm done.

I took before pics and I post them w/ the after pics tomorrow if anyone wants to see them.
YAY!!!! Sounds like a successful wash day! Can't wait to see your pictures as well. I have to hide all of my cameras because the boys will play with them and then they do odd things when I want them to take a simple picture.
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