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Re: Anyone hire a Mother's Helper?

Yes! I've had 2 bad experiences that didn't last very long but I'm completely "taken" by the mother's helper we have now. My marriage is better for it too! I'm amazed at how much less stress I feel. I'm amazed at how my youngest dd went from a clingy, high needs baby to a flexible one! (I wish she'd sleep at night though ) I feel sane. I feel on top of my life.

It's worth it! SOOOOO WORTH IT, especially with yet another baby joining our family in about 8 weeks!

eta: She takes the kids to the park/pizza when I need space. She helps tidy up the house. She takes them to some activities so my littlest one isn't treking in the car so much. She's cooked dinner for us though it was not in the job description. She does errands and my food shopping!!
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