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Re: HELP! Major repelling issue & I can't make it go away!!! :(

I have really hard water too, but do have a top loading machine. The first few weeks I didn't know that I should fill the water to the top and I had some repelling issues. I don't think they are ruined, you just need to get them to release the soap an mineral deposits. I'd definately try RLR, as it's even on the diaper sites as a solution, so it can't hurt. I can't use all natural detergents, I have to rotate my detergents too to make sure I don't get build up. I also wash my pockets and inserts separately and never was PUL bags with dipers, they hold too much soap. Have you tried cleaning your washing machine? Somewhere, humm, a vinagar site I think explained how to clean a washer. I find the site I'll e-mail you. I was amazed at all the soap crud in mine, I did it before I started washing my diapers and should probably do it again soon. I think it was half a cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vin. (This is without your diapers), then another load without additives on high, then cold. Wash and wipe between emptys of machine.

Good luck!

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