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Re: HBAC (past or future) POST HERE!!!

Originally Posted by punkmama3
I'm planning a UBAC, does that count? LOL.
I'm due in 6 wks (give or take), and I plan on being at home. I had my first section with my 3rd. I live in NY as well, and I'm curious about what Serenity said... I havent' had anyone give me any problems about having my baby at home, even if I did conceive 7 months postpartum (which is apparently a problme for some doctors???), and with all his medical problems, everyone seems to think I'd do just fine (I had 2 vaginal births before him, maybe that's why, Serenity?).
Hmmmmm,,,,. Conceiving 7 months after a C-Section?! Just remember that your uterus didnt have much time to heal before being stretched by the babe! This worries most OB's since it means that you have a possible weak spot that could rupture during labor. You should at least get a consult from a REPUTABLE MW. Good luck mama
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