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Re: HELP! Major repelling issue & I can't make it go away!!! :(

okay, i will try RLR at a laundrymat (i had planned on making that trip as my next step....i, too, think that front loaders can be a culprit. no more detergent for me most likely).

hadn't thought about washing the PUL bag separately, but that makes sense.

i also use aquaphor on DD's bum as she is prone to diaper rash & it has completely eliminated her rash (that & switching from sportwash). i guess i should probably find an alternative that won't potentially cause buildup. any suggestions? something that won't break the bank, ideally.

thank you so much for your suggestions, ladies. i really appreciate it! it just makes me cringe to think of the $$$$ that i spent on her stash, only to not use them!
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