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Re: EC thread:)

ooey! where did you get a green bjorn???? our bru only has white. i need to get a second one and would love a green one!

has anyone ec'd with an older baby/toddler? i have read some of the articles online about doing it with 14+months, but i really don't know if it would be worth it. i guess i am only half-hearted about it, since i think it would be really hard with such older guys. sometimes i put them in pf w/o covers and try and change them as soon as they wet and talk about them being wet and that they went peepee and all that. but will that make a difference? i have tried to watch and see if they give any cues, but i can't seem to find any! how do you do this??? fwiw, they love to sit on the potty, which is why i need a second one, as they try and push each other off of it!
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