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Re: Frugal Eating Support Thread

Originally Posted by twinsmomkatie
My crockpot is a big money-saver! Also, you can go to the library and get cookbooks on cheap eats . . . even gourmet stuff and Weight Watchers' stuff.

My kiddos are little, but they LOVE to eat veggies in muffins - I use whole wheat and they get to make them with me. It's a fun event! We cut the sugar down to about a third of what the recipe calls for, and we add in savory spices like thyme, basil, rosemary, and sage. Veggies include peas (our FAVORITE!), corn, celery, carrots - they all make great muffins!

The girls also eat peas and corn frozen - right out of the freezer and onto their plate. I've also been known to put them in pudding pops - frozen (cooked) carrots, frozen corn, frozen peas - they're BEAUTIFUL pudding pops!

If i found a pea in my muffin i think i might pee myself and if i found corn in my pudding pop i might do the other-lol. Do you mean corn muffins or breakfast muffins? I might be interested in the recipe

Well, it is just the 3 of us. Dh, myself and dd.
I think eating healthier is less expensive. My mom made casseroles,spagetti(mmm, cant spell i think it's missing an h), and simple meals growing up and i think that saved money. Basically one meat, one veggie, one bread.
Almost All of these premaid meals and junk in cans and boxes nowadays are expensive and bad for us.
Just yesterday i was in the supermarket w/ dh and was looking for a cereal(couldn't find my post shredded wheat bisquits). I turned one of the boxes to the side and i swear the box was not even an inch wide. Eek!! Sticking to my plain shredded wheat.
Sorry, it is late and i guess it doesn't take much to get me on my healthy eating soap box. I am not 100% perfect but i try to be good about it. I will be watching this post cause it never hurts to save a little money.
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