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Re: Am I the only one who is not in LOVE with their Britax marathon

Originally Posted by ceilismom View Post
I would also recommend getting a certified carseat installer to look at it. They have training and practice, and they're a warm person right there to help you figure it out. You should be able to find somebody at your local PD or a car dealership, and it shouldn't cost you anything. My sister is an installer, and honestly, I don't even try to figure out my carseat. I just have her look at it and fix problems, determine when it's time to move up straps, etc.

How great that you have someone to help Ceilismom....just thought I'd share my experience though. During a hurricane evacuation DH and I ended up separated, and I had to uninstall and reinstall the seat without his help. Talk about trial by fire! Many expletives later, I finally got it right, but you might wanna ask your sis to show you how it goes in case you're ever on your own with it. Not that it'd be because of a hurricane evac, though, in SD!
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