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Re: Anyone start out "Chuncky" before getting preggo?

Well...not sure if you could pull this one off, but i found that vomiting about a million times for 5 month with a raging case of hyperemesis helped me lose 30 pounds. LOL

I started my pregnanvy at 198, and ended it at 165. Since then, i have gained a TON of weight and now weigh 210.

I want to lose 20 before getting preggo again in a few months..i want to be 190 or less when i get preggo.

I am 5 feet even, so i an REALLY heavy......

You really aren't supposed to lose weight in pregnancy, but at your weight, it would be acceptable to gain as little as a bout 15 pounds.
The main thing is CARBS/sugar. you CAN't eat a lot of them. Especially in the third trimester. Eat lots of veggies with protein, VERY LITTLE carbs - breads, rices, noodles, crackers, ....most "snack" type stuff is CARBS..stay away! It puts on weight and generally has little nitritional value...a limited amount of whole grains is good, but nothing beyond that...lay off the milk..i know that is counterintuitive, but milk has lactose in it, (milk sugar) which is straight sugar calories and will put on weight really fast.
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