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Re: Microfiber you have build up issues?, and if not please help!

Washing Soda is made by Arm & Hammer and comes in a big yellow box with the A&H logo. I haven't found it at Walmart but I get it at Kroger (our mainstream chain grocery store) in the detergent aisle, near the Borax and water softener. I read somewhere that it is the same chemical as the soda ash they use in pools, but a different strength. I believe what I read said that soda ash was 3 times as strong as washing you'd use 1/3 the amount. I won't swear on that though. I pay either $1.49 or $1.99 (can't remember) for a big box of washing soda and I use 1/4 cup or less per load of diapers so it lasts a good while.

Simple Green is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be bought just about anywhere. It can be used for all kinds of may find it in the auto aisle because it is popular as a degreaser/tire cleaner. Don't let that fool you though, what you buy is a's actually quite gentle when you dilute it enough. I have read that Simple Green is one of the things that they use to clean up birds after an oil spill because it takes off the oil but doesn't harm the birds. It has a strong smell that bothers some people, but again, it's super concentrated. The instructions on the bottle say for household cleaning you should dilute it from 1/10 to 1/30 (1 part SG to 10 parts water or more). I use roughly 4 squirts of the concentrate on a full load of diapers so you can imagine that's VERY diluted. I actually don't mind the smell of the SG but I do like that when I take the diapers out, they have no smell at all...not even the SG smell. I think I paid around $3 for a bottle at the grocery store (it's cheaper at someplace like Sams or BJ's) and that bottle has lasted several months and is still more than halfway full.

I have read where people said that the SG caused rashes or "ate" diapers, but I suspect that those people were using WAY too much. DJ has EXTREMELY sensitive skin and has never had any problems with rashes and after using this combo for several months now on our very small stash, I have not noticed any excessive wear or other problems with any of our diaper fabrics.

Here are a couple of links that explain the science behind the WS/SG combo:

and (scroll down the page about 2/3 of the way)

Oh, by the way, my washing machine is not all that fancy and doesn't have much selection as far as cycles. Most of the time, I do all the dipes (and inserts, wipes, covers, etc.) on a hot wash/cold rinse, then throw it all in the dryer. If there are a lot of nasty poopy dipes or if they have been sitting for a while, I will set them on cold/cold and leave the cover open so that they agitate and then just soak for a while. After "a while", I'll shut the cover so that they drain and then rinse, then add my normal WS/SG and do the hot/cold wash. Every now and then, I run an extra rinse just to be sure but I've never had any problems with anything...

Good luck!

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