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Re: BEST TIP for hard water

Originally Posted by 2under2 View Post
so after struggling with our hard water issues, i finally started using calgon water softner. but it is SOOO expensive, so i had an idea and tried it and it works GREAT!! i have used it several times now with no problems and only good results so i am hoping you can try it and post how it works for you!!!

So i sent dh out to buy a big bag (40lb) of water softner pellets (like morton the kind you would buy to put in a water softner) but then i put 15 pellets in for diapers (i do a cold rinse, then a hot wash so i put them in with the hot water) it works great!! no more stinkies, and no more drawn out stripping!!!

i also use it for my regular laundry and the clothes are coming out great too!! not nearly as many stains, and it is not dingy looking anymore!! i use 10 pellets for regular laundry on hot and i use 5 pellets for my cold washes (fleece) . so i have a big bag that will last me who knows how long for less then 5 bucks, which is what i was basically spending PER WEEK on the other stuff!!!

so try it and tell me if it works for you!! ( i have only bought the pellets i don't know if the crystals would work too)

Good Luck
What section at Walmart is this? I keep looking for it, but I can never seem to find it.
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