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Re: Anyone start out "Chuncky" before getting preggo?

Actually, I keep telling dh that all I need to do to get down to my "ideal" weight is keep having babies! I'm 5'11" and was around 220 when I got pregnant with DJ. I had a very easy nausea or anything...I just had no appetite. I lost weight up until about halfway through then started gaining fast. I think I went up to about 235-240 towards the end. When he was born, I weighed about 5 pounds less than I did pre-pregnancy. Then I breastfed for a year and a half... NOTHING got back to it's pre-pregnancy size/shape, but I did take a little more weight off. I think I was 205 when I got pregnant with this one. I did put on some weight around Christmas but then lost it again. I'm 31 weeks now and 219 but I'm "all baby". It's a little surprising because I'm not in nearly as good shape (I used to be very athletic...and plump!) as I was last time and I've been on modified bed rest for a while now so I'm not getting nearly as much exercise as I did, but everyone says that I don't look like I'm gaining any weight. So at this rate, if I have about 10 more kids, I can be a super model!!
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